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Aeropress vs Moka Pot

AeroPress vs MokaPot, a beautiful image of different AeroPresses.

There are many ways to brew coffee. There are more traditional brewing styles, such as the French press and Moka pot, and modern brewing styles, such as Aeropress or Minipresso. Are these brewing styles similar? What about Moka pot and Aeropress?

Moka Pot and Aeropress are manual coffee makers requiring no electricity. They, however, differ in their brewing process, mechanism of action, portability, and heat input. They also produce coffee of different volumes.

In this article, we explore the topic of Aeropress vs. Moka Pot. We will look at what they are and compare them in several aspects.

What Is Aeropress?

Person pouring coffee into AeroPress. Image by: Photo by Alex Chernenko.
Person pouring coffee into AeroPress. Image by: Photo by Alex Chernenko.

Aeropress is a rather new coffee brewing system, first introduced in 2005. It is made from heat-resistant plastic and has a main tube, plunger, and a bottom section to put in filter paper. 

Aeropress is popular because you can operate without electricity or an external heat source. You only need ground coffee beans and hot water to brew coffee with it. It even comes with cups to hold the coffee you brew. 

There are also many variations to the Aeropress, such as the Aeropress Go. This is a smaller, even more, portable version of the original Aeropress.

What Is Moka Pot?

A brewing/ready made Moka pot. Image by: Photo by Elesban Landero Berriozábal.
A brewing/ready made Moka pot. Image by: Photo by Elesban Landero Berriozábal.

A Moka pot is also more casually called the stovetop espresso maker. First introduced in 1933, it is known to produce rich coffee with a flavor profile close to espresso. It comprises a lower chamber, a middle funnel, and an upper chamber. 

Add water to the lower chamber, and place the moka pot over heat. As the water gets hot, pressure builds up and shoots the water through the middle funnel and coffee. Coffee then gets collected in the upper chamber. 

Moka Pot is known to make great, concentrated coffee with great flavors. It remains one of the most popular coffee brewing methods even today.

Aeropress vs. Moka Pot

AspectMoka PotAeropress
ComplexitySlightly More ComplexSlightly Simpler
Brewing ProcessUses PercolationUses Immersion & Filtration
Heat SourceExternal, usually from a stoveExternal, usually from direct hot water
ConsumablesFilter paperNone
PortabilityPortable, but less operable than aeropressPortable, more operable than moka pot
Coffee VolumeUsually brews less coffeeUsually can brew more coffee
CleaningSlightly more difficult to cleanSlightly easier to clean
Table overview: Aeropress vs. Moka Pot
“Moka Pot Vs Aeropress: Two pressure brewers compared” by Coffee Brewster on YouTube.


Generally speaking, an Aeropress is usually larger than a Moka pot. This is even so when comparing both tools with similar volumes of coffee brewed. 

However, there are smaller sizes of the Moka pot and AeroPress Go, so you need to ensure they have the same serving sizes when shopping.


In general, you may assume that a moka pot is slightly more complex, as it has more parts. You have a lower and upper chamber and a middle compartment that contains a coffee portafilter and tubing. 

The Aeropress should be simpler, with a main tube, bottom filter, and a plunger. Other smaller parts, such as a stirrer and a cup, are not required to make the Aeropress work.

Brewing Process

The Moka pot uses percolation to brew the coffee. Percolation is when you shoot hot water under pressure through coffee grounds. This is also used in Espresso machines and percolators.

This is different from Aeropress, which uses immersion and also filtration. Immersion happens when you brew the coffee, and filtration happens when you push the coffee through the filter paper.

Heat Source

Aeropress and Moka pots use external heat sources, meaning they cannot generate heat to brew coffee. The difference, however, and how you can provide heat to both brewing systems.

With Aeropress, you simply pour hot water into the moka pot. However, you can heat it up directly over a fire or hot plate with a Moka pot.


Moka pot does not use any consumables, meaning there is nothing that you need to frequently buy and top up. Everything is washable and reusable. 

With Aeropress, however, you must change the filter paper every time you brew a new cup. You can also use reusable steel mesh plates, but you need to purchase them separately.

Portability & Operability

Both Moka Pot and Aeropress are portable and easy to carry around. However, part of portability also includes operability. In this manner, Aeropress wins. 

This is because a Moka pot requires external heat, unlike Aeropress, which only needs hot water. It is usually easier to find hot water than a stove.

Coffee Volume

In most cases, An Aeropress of similar size should be able to brew more coffee than a moka pot. This is because the Aeropress brewing unit does not have a chamber to capture brewed coffee. That job is done by an external cup.

Moka pot, however, has only a small part of it containing water to brew coffee. As a result, the volume of coffee it produces is usually smaller than an Aeropress.


It may be easier to clean an Aeropress than a Moka pot. This is because the Moka pot has a simpler construction, and the coffee grounds could be easily cleaned. 

The Moka pot has more intricate parts, and the coffee puck in the portafilter may need a little more effort to clean than the ones in the Aeropress.

Common Questions About Aeropress vs. Moka Pot

How Are Aeropress and Moka Pot Different From Each Other?

Aeropress and Moka pots can be different in many aspects. However, the most significant areas would be coffee volume, heat course, and brewing process.

Which Between Aeropress and Moka Pot Is Better For the Outdoor?

For outdoor activities such as camping, an Aeropress may be better. This is because it is easier to heat water using a kettle over a fire and then use the water to brew coffee. Getting enough concentrated heat to brew coffee using a moka pot may be hard.

Which Between Aeropress And Moka Pot Makes Better Coffee?

Both brewing methods make equally good coffee. Both are capable of producing many types of coffee, regular or concentrated, espresso-like coffee. You may need to try both and see which style suits you better.

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