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Best coffee beans for beginners: Our top 5

Various coffee beans on sale

From light roasts to dark roasts, Italian to Indonesian coffee, ground coffee beans to whole espresso beans; there are thousands of coffee beans available to buy today. So how do you choose?

Choosing the best coffee beans can seem overwhelming, but it’s simpler than you might think – as long as you know the basics.

This handy guide will show you how to pick the right beans to make the most delicious coffee as a complete coffee-making newbie.

Besides these excellent tips, you’ll also find a list of the top-rated coffee for beginners. Get ready to say goodbye to instant coffee!

How To Pick The Best Coffee Beans

Firstly, ask yourself what kind of coffee maker/brewer are you planning on using? 

Most beginners overlook this critical factor when choosing coffee beans, but your brewing technique significantly impacts the type of coffee beans you should use.

French press coffee: Choose full-bodied medium roasts or dark roasts in a coarse grind.

Cold brew coffee: The roast type comes down to your personal preference – but lighter roasts tend to require a longer brewing time. Always use a coarse grind.

Espresso machine coffee: You can’t go wrong with dark or medium roast Italian coffee beans in a fine grind.

Pour-over coffee: Look for a high-quality single-origin bean in the roast of your choice. A medium to coarse grind is best.

Next, consider what flavors you want.

The best coffee depends on your taste. For example, some people prefer a strong, earthy, full-bodied coffee – which goes well with milk – while others would rather have a floral, wine-like black coffee.

Here are some guidelines for choosing coffee beans according to your desired flavor profile:

  • For full-bodied, chocolatey, nutty, caramelly flavors: you will love medium or dark roast coffee beans.
  • For fruity, floral, wine-like flavors: try light-roast, single-origin coffee beans (best enjoyed without milk).

The 5 Top Coffee Beans For Beginners

Here are our top 5 coffee beans to try out if you’re a beginner!

1. Organic Medium Roast Coffee – LifeBoost Coffee

LifeBoost Coffee is a brand worth trying if you’re searching for delicious, high-quality coffee beans that will please just about everyone’s palate.

Organic Medium Roast Coffee - LifeBoost Coffee
Organic Medium Roast Coffee – LifeBoost Coffee. Image source: Lifeboostcoffee.

Our Pick:

Lifeboost Coffee Whole Bean Medium Roast Coffee – Low Acid Single Origin USDA Organic Coffee

The company’s primary aim is to provide nutritious, organic coffee that is good for the environment, the farmers, and the consumers – as well as tasting fantastic regardless of the brew style!

Plus, LifeBoost coffee is USDA certified organic, spring water cleaned, and third-party tested for mycotoxins.

Overview and Characteristics

Coffee bean type:Arabica
Bean type:Single origin, medium roast
Flavor:Rich, full-bodied, earthy
Aroma:Hints of caramel and woody notes
Characteristics of LifeBoost Coffee – a Great Organic Medium Rost Coffee

2. Blue Mountain Coffee From Jamaica

If you’re looking for the smoothest whole bean coffee you can get your hands on, Blue Mountain Coffee From Jamaica is a winner with its well-balanced, full-body, and pleasantly sweet flavor.

Blue Mountain Coffee From Jamaica.
Blue Mountain Coffee From Jamaica. Image source: Shopify.

Our Pick:

One-hundred Percent Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee with Certificate of Origin, Medium Roasted Beans

A relatively small amount of coffee is produced in Jamaica annually, and not all of it comes from the Blue Mountain. However, the coffee originating from this region is only cultivated at very high altitudes.

What makes these medium-roast beans even more remarkable is that they are hand-picked from the mountainside.

The volcanic soil, mild temperatures, and high elevation all contribute to the roughly 10-month-long harvest, substantially more prolonged than in other coffee-growing countries.

Overview and Characteristics

Coffee bean type:Arabica
Bean type:Single origin, medium roast
Flavor:Rich, full-bodied, earthy
Aroma:Sweet floral and herbs, with a nutty overtone
Characteristics of Blue Mountain Coffee From Jamaica

3. Volcanica Coffee Kenyan AA Coffee Beans

Coffee drinkers can’t go wrong with Volcanica Coffee Kenyan AA Coffee Beans. This incredible coffee has a syrupy body, wine-like acidity, and lovely fruity aromas.

You can also expect a very pure taste due to the processing method.

Overview and Characteristics

Coffee bean type:Arabica
Bean type:Single origin, light roast
Flavor:Sweet fruity flavors, slightly acidic, with a syrupy body
Aroma:Sweet fresh, floral
Characteristics of Volcanica Coffee AA Coffee Beans from Kenya

4. Sumatra Mandheling Beans From Indonesia

The Mandheling people, who formerly grew coffee in northern Sumatra, are honored in the name of the fabulous Sumatra Mandheling Beans.

Arabica beans from this region typically have a sweet, smooth body and minimal acidity, and the flavors can range from earthy and herb-like to tobacco and dark chocolate.

To accentuate this particular type of coffee’s sweetness and somewhat peppery flavor, dark roasts are the way to go!

Overview and Characteristics

Coffee bean type:Arabica
Bean type:Single origin, dark roast beans
Flavor:Minimally acidic with a smooth, sweet body
Aroma:Earthy, mossy
Characteristics of Sumatra Mandheling Beans from Indonesia

5. Death Wish Coffee Beans

Death Wish Coffee, “one of the strongest coffees in the world”, certainly lives up to its name.

These coffee beans are highly caffeinated, sustainable, organic, and not too acidic. This is an excellent option if you want a significant energy boost without sacrificing quality.

Death Wish Whole Bean Coffee - Dubbed the World's Strongest Coffee.
Death Wish Whole Bean Coffee – Dubbed the World’s Strongest Coffee. Image source: Deathwishcoffee.

Our Pick:

The world’s strongest coffee whole bean. Excellent choice for making a strong cappuccino.

Despite its robust taste, this blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans gives off pleasant notes of berries, chocolate, and almond nuts.

Overview and Characteristics

Coffee bean type:A blend of Robusta and Arabica beans
Bean type:Blend, medium roast
Flavor:Strong, robust, and bold
Aroma:Nutty, strong
Characteristics of Death Wish Coffee Beans

The Bottom Line

The best coffee for beginners is, of course, subject to individual taste, so finding your perfect coffee beans might take some trial and error.

Hopefully, our guide will get you started on the right track.

Try some of the delightful coffee recommendations on this list, and you’ll be enjoying ultra-delicious home-brewed coffee in no time.

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